Dating parker vacumatic pens Parker Date-Codes Reference

Dating parker vacumatic pens

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Couple light pin dings to cap. Parker made things very interesting or perhaps frustrating for future collectors by issuing Vacumatics in a huge number of variations, with some downright confusing nomenclature; David Isaacson, who's well on his way to becoming the galaxy's number one expert on Parker Vacumatics, divides the history of these pens into four distinct phases on his website http: Star Clip was issued on high-line pens before being yanked for the blue diamond A short blind cap screws onto the end of the barrel to conceal and protect the plunger.

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This one has great color, a two tone nib by those went bye-bye and superb barrel clarity. Junior, standard girth Lockdown, Azure is the most highly sought color amongst the five regularly produced colors during the era. Smooth point, particularly for such a fine poin.

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If these pens aren't enough to help you identify your prize, you may be able to date the pen fairly precisely by looking for its date code unless you are parker vacumatic thirty years of age and eat a lot of carrots, you'll probably need a loupe or other strong magnifier.

Nearly bsa shotgun dating pen, superb in all respects. Bit of high point edge brassing at the ridges on tassie dating parker vacumatic pens metal ring and at top of clip ring.

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The imprint on the barrel is faint, but can be read. Something of an "advanced" pen for the serious Vac Nut. Third generation Vacumatics are typical "First Vacumatic" for most collectors due to their availabilty and due to their ability to provide a nice size pen for reasonable cost.

Pen Parker Vacumatic 3rd Generation Major. Bottom Tassie has brassing but cap really is excellent.

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Correct-for-year striped top jewel, two-tone nib, black gripping section. The is a smidge of brassing on the clip ball of the pen visible in the photo.

Very clean pen with excellent color, trim, imprint.

The Crystal pattern itself is scarce, featuring whole-barrel transparency based on the Demonstrator pen. One must watch for mixes.

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Scattered light marks to plastic. But, it is not a Major. This pen is opaque with single-piece barrel-section assembly, as are all Vacuum-Fillers in typical Burgundy Pearl.

Parker Vacumatic

This pencil is a dating twist-mechanism and is excellent in all respects. Water testing is fine. And, yeah, the box is probably frombut it looked good with the set. This pen has a slightly darker-than-average rich blue hue.

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Max pencils use the wide 1. Most pics are smaller than images in the active-sales pages.

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There is a bit of brassing only to bottom tassie. It has the proper metal non-locking filler unit. A standard-girth pen with longer parts than the Standard, with greater streamlining at the ends, the hallmark finding is the wide middle cap-band, the only three-band vacumatic to sport such a finding.

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Third Generation Vacumatic Major and Junior are popular entry-to-series pens, providing good size at reasonable cost. This one has great color and nice clarity. This one pops and features a very nice Ron Zorn restoration as do many pens on this website.

A funky and somewhat scarce pen. Collecting the most prevalent Vacumatic model- Major- is a Collectors call it the Stubby.

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It appears on various econo-line models from late probably through