Boom beach matchmaking guide Boom Beach Matchmaking Explained

Boom beach matchmaking guide

Each losing defense and Invasionresults in the loss of one Victory Point.

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The guy didn't even need to dep Although Bereavement dating after Base matchmaking works similar to matchmaking with players, it can seem odd when a player with a much higher or lower Victory Point score attacks one of your Resource Bases.

Meanwhile, you will matchmaking guide increasingly powerful opponents. Winning many attacks against Blackguard bases will increase your Victory Point count, and therefore you will typically be matched with harder opponents.

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If you can't find the activation mail from inbox or spam folder, please try resend email or contact us. Dave on August 17, 6: The matchmaking is based off of victory points, not level.

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Just beat a 29 because of his poor setup but its still ridiculous. But I'm actually really prioritizing offense.

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Typically, higher Victory Point counts mean you will be matched up against higher level players. Supercell have not defined low VP level.

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Each higher experience level opponent will contribute to the decrease and the contribution is bigger if the experience level difference is high. The handicap for better players is way too strong.

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Victory Points are the key determining factor, and your Headquarters boom beach has no bearing on the calculation. My stats at the time of the raid were XP 39 and VP We know that the new system will create some new challenges, but we think these new problems are more manageable.

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That's compounded by the fact that at low VP levels, there is no way to drop your VP - you can beach your HQ, but because there are so many casual players there, you won't get attacked very often. Your email address will not be published. Remove any shred of dignity you were holding on to.

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Your opponents are selected from players with a similar Victory Point score. If you want to continue to fight opponents of a similar Victory Point score forResource Bases, find a new opponent on your Resource Bases from time to time.


Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. This will benefit you even if you are a hardcore turtle - the events represent a lot of loot that does not affect your VP at all. All Treasure Chest Locations.

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